Your Dog Health Is Your Responsibility

Giving Your Dog Health The Right Priority

Dog health is all about care. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to take a good care of your dog and give him the right attention that he deserves.

When you go to dog shows, you will see many strong, healthy and lively dogs doing extraordinary things, and you wonder how. The secret is, they have really good breeders and owners looking after their health.

What you give your dog to eat will go a long way to determine his health status. You do not feed your dog just with any food you can lay your hands upon. You have to research the best food for the age and the breed of your dog.

It is a good thing if you can cook or prepare the food yourself, doing this will ensure that you put in the right ingredients and of course, you will get the right results.

The dog foods you buy from stores are good also, especially if you do not have the time or the knowledge to prepare the food yourself. Avoid the urge to change your dog food unnecessarily.

Exercises are very important to dogs. They all need it, but at varying levels. This is one of the factors you have to carefully consider before buying one.

Know the amount of exercise your dog would need, and make sure you are ready to give it. Sometimes, all you need is just a couple of times on a weekly basis, which will not go beyond 30 to 60 minutes, and your dog will be fine. If your dog is the very active type, definitely you will need more time for exercises.

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Dog Health Issues You Have to Look Out For

dog healthDogs generally have some common ailments that you a dog owner must know, especially if your dog health is important to you.

Dogs are not humans, hence they cannot talk when they are feeling pains, but they do give some signs which you can easily identify and act upon quickly to control the situation.

The maxim that prevention is better than cure works best when you have to maintain your dog health. You will spend less when you tackle ailments before they start, or before they break out fully.

Dog Infections:

Some parts of your dog like teeth, skin, eyes and ears, are easily prone to infections. These are areas you have to pay constant attention to. Areas you have to keep working upon to make sure that they do not harbor any infection.

Give your dog teeth good brushing regularly; there are various dog teeth brushes and toothpastes you can use for this. The same goes for other parts mentioned above. Brush the coat. Give good washing or bathing to your dog, and apply appropriate shampoo.

When you see any part that has been affected by any ailment, and you do not have a ready solution to tackle it, quickly consult your vet.

Dog Diabetes:

Give your dog a strict and well controlled diet to avoid diabetes. Resist the urge of just giving your dog, whatever you see, or what your dog like to smell and eat.

Know that food meant for humans are not necessarily good for dogs, especially sugar and fat filled food. The right food will definitely produce the sound health you want your dog to have.

Dog Arthritis and Dysplasia:

This is common to dog breeds with long bones and narrow joints, especially those who are pure breeds.

Do a research on your type of breed, and know whether he is prone to arthritis and dysplasia. If they are, you will need to go for the appropriate supplements and vitamins that are specially manufactured for dogs, and which can be prescribed by your vet.

Dog Obesity:

Your dog can also suffer from overweight, as a result of over eating with little or no exercise. Obesity on its own cannot kill a dog, but it can open doors for various ailments that can eventually do that, hence it must be stopped at all cost.

Heart failure, skin disorder, tumors, liver malfunctioning, etc., are all results of obesity in dogs. With the right feeding and adequate exercise you can easily nip obesity in the bud before it takes over your dog health.

A healthy dog is a lively dog. If you want your dog to keep enjoy sound and robust health, keep yourself updated on happenings in the dog world.

Never miss news that are trending on pets, especially news that have to do with your dog breed. You will be able to get good information always on new ways, methods, and steps people are using to make their dog healthy.


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