Why does my dog ​​have to exercise?

Did you know? Your dog must train and the five-minute walks at the foot of the building are not enough. 3 good reasons for exercising:

Meeting your pet’s expectations
Daily exercise is essential for all dogs. Your dog must be able to devote himself to long walks and fun activities. This applies even more when he is young, has too much energy or is overweight. According to www.lefigaro.fr 40% of dogs and cats suffer from obesity!

Strengthen the ties with your dog
By practicing a sport with your dog, for example a dog sport in a club, you can have a special time with him and strengthen mutual trust

Developing the coziness of your pet
Practicing a sport is ideal if your dog has social problems. If you choose a dog sport, know that they are practiced in group, with the owners and their four-legged friends. This activity will help your dog develop his conviviality towards people and other animals.


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