Which Dog Breed Would You Rather Choose

5 Major Points to Consider In Choosing The Best Dog Breed

Choosing the dog breed that is just right is a major hurdle every would-be dog owner must cross.

Considering the fact that there are over 300 dog breeds all over the world today, a prospective dog owner must know what to do to choose the best among them.

Though all dogs are the same, they come from the family of canine, but really they are lots of differences between them.

The breed of dog you choose must well suit the purpose for which you want to keep a pet. It is not all types of dogs that can satisfy our needs.

Over the years, expert dog breeders have succeeded in narrowing down factors that anyone who lack dog breeding experience can consider to help when hunting for a dog to breed.

The first major factor to consider is space. 

A dog needs space to live, walk and do exercise. If you are living in a small apartment, it will be wrong for you to go for a big dog.

Luckily, there are small dog breeds, like the Terrier group or the Miniature Pinscher that you can consider. Space contributes a lot to how well a dog can quickly acclimatize to a particular environment, and live well.

The second major factor is the cost of keeping the pet.

The areas where you will really need to spend money are; feeding and medicals.

All dogs don’t eat the same way, and they don’t require medical attention the same way. You will have to find out how often you would be visiting the vet for the particular dog breed you are interested in.

This also goes for the food the dog breed you choose will be eating. Generally, big dogs eat more than smaller and medium-sized ones.

The third major factor has to do with your children.

If you have kids, or you are planning to have them, then you must put them in the picture.

Don’t go for a delicate or fragile dog breed like a Chihuahua, or for big and dangerous ones like the Great Dane or Saint Bernard. Neither of these two is suitable for a home with children.

The age and number of children in your house is also very important in this regard.

The fourth major point is the amount of exercise you can give to your dog.

Some dogs are very active and need lots of exercises like the Border collie, and species of hunting and sporting dogs.

The time you have to exercise your dog is also important. When dogs are not allowed to exhibit their natural behaviors, and abilities, they can change from being petted to become wild animals.

The fifth major point is the grooming sessions you can give to your dog.

A standard poodle needs lots and regular grooming, while a short haired Terriers or Whippets does not.

Grooming makes your dog to know and love you more, because you are making living easier for him.

When you finally want to buy a dog, do not depend entirely on what you see on social media, and breeding websites alone, many of them are just promotional postings from those who want to make money from you.

Your dog is not just a pet, but a new member of your family, and you the owner has the power to decide how he will live with you.

Use the factors mentioned above to select the best dog breed that reflects your lifestyle, dream, and ambition, and you will not regret your decision to keep a dog.

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