Ultimate Guide to Hot Dog Grooming

hot dog grooming steps and basics

Hot Dog Grooming Basics

Hot dog grooming timing and the extent at which you can do it varies for different kinds of dogs. Some dogs are long haired; such will require more grooming when compared with those that are short haired.

Without any doubt all dogs need to be groomed at least at the basic level to make them live a more healthy life. You need to see these as the necessary personal hygiene we do as human beings, only that dogs cannot do them for themselves.

There are basically three processes of grooming dogs. These are just the basic steps that will go along with all dogs. They are definitely not the only things you can do but they are the necessary ones.

You can do more than these if you have the money to spend or if there are some necessary care and treatments you want specifically for your pet.

What Are The Three Compulsory Hotdog Grooming Processes?

 Brushing and Combing Of Dog Hair

This is a major dog care step, since your dog is full of hair all over. It is what is needed to be done very regularly and can even be a daily activity for a very hairy dog. It is done to prevent the hair from being knotty or tangled and as a result harbour pests and diseases.

This can also be taken further to involve catering for dogs that have excess hair in places like eyes, ears and in their paws. This tends to become too bushy and make life uncomfortable for the poor dog. Regular hot dog grooming will ensure he gets constant relief from that.

 Washing and Bathing

It is necessary to always wash away dirt and all things that get entangled in the dog’s hair, another very crucial grooming process. This should not be done too often because it can lead to dry skin as a result of washing off natural oil from the skin. That will make the skin itch and irritate, and make the dog scratch at it all the time.

It is important to carry out brushing and combing first before bathing the dog to remove matts and tangles which will make bathing really uncomfortable. More so, those things become more difficult to remove when the hair and skin is wet.

Dog toenails can often grow long and wild especially when they do not get adequate care and attention. When this happen walking, normal running, and jumping become difficult and painful. The toenails can be cut using special nail cutters meant for that.

Coat Trimming and Removal

This is shearing, and it is necessary for long haired dog species or just when your pet hair has grown too bushy and heavy on him. It is done in such a way that the dog will not become too naked literally to avoid endangering his health.

If your pet is still a puppy you will have the difficulty of grooming him easily because he is not used to subjecting himself to all the processes involved. He will need some times to get used to them.

Meanwhile you have to patiently orientate him to all of these, doing it in a gradual manner because all dogs are not the same. The major work you will do here is to teach him to stand still for all the processes of hot dog grooming as often as you want to do them.

Your dog will start to see the benefits of grooming sooner or later, and that will make him drop all reluctance anytime you want to carry out the grooming process.

Dog grooming may seem like a lot of work, but the secret is to use it to bond with your dog. This mirrors the behaviour of wolves in the wild, which groom each other, and will ensure that your dog benefits from and enjoys its grooming sessions.

The truth is, dog grooming is a necessity, and you cannot do without it. Care and attention are what you owe your dog and you must be ready to give them without complaining no matter what it is going to cost you.

At this junction there is a question you would need to get answer to. That will help you handle your dog grooming the way you ought to, and not see it as a burden.

The question is why is hot dog grooming so important? We have mentioned some of the points above, but you would need more than just a scratch on the surface. This topic is too crucial to be toyed with.

When you know why you should do it, you will be able to seek how to do it right, and that is the essence of the whole thing we are discussing here, doing it right so that you can always get the right result.

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Why Is Hot Dog Grooming Is Important

I guess you will want to know this.

1. It Helps Your Dog To Look Nice:

The appearance of your dog at all times should matter to you. It speaks of the kind of person you are and how caring you are to your pet.

When a dog is looking nice, everybody will love to see and play with him, and they will also respect the owner because they know that the dog cannot take care of himself. Grooming makes your dog clean and well trimmed.

2. It Helps You Determine The State Of Health Of Your Dog

Grooming involves going over virtually all the major parts of your dog’s body like brushing of teeth, combing of hair, cutting of nails, washing the body, and so on.

These are the areas where parasites and diseases can hide. You will also be able to know in time if there is any wound on the body.

Regular grooming will quickly expose any health issue that your dog may have at any time, even before it becomes a serious problem.

3. It Helps Make Your Home Environment Cleaner

A well groomed dog will not shed hair or drop parasites on places he is making contact with at home.

Typically, in a home where they keep dog as pet, you are likely to find dog hairs on chairs, carpets, rugs, etc. You will also notice a nauseating smell or body odour characteristics to a dog.

All of these are signs of a dog that is not well groomed. Hot dog grooming helps you to avoid that, and prevent all the allergies that come with them which may threaten the health of members of your family.

4. It Brings You Closer to Your Dog

That is called bonding. When you make effort to groom your dog you are not only making him more comfortable, you are sending a message to him that you care about his well being.

Your pet dog can respond to love and care like humans, and you can be sure that he will reciprocate that too.

Real hot dog grooming brings you closer to your dog and makes your dog have the feeling of being loved; nothing can be greater than that in your relationship with your dog.

Why You Need a Professional Hot Dog Groomer

Do you actually need to patronize a professional hot dog groomer when you already know all the procedures involved in dog grooming, and you have the time and means to actually do them?

Today, many pet owners are doing the grooming jobs themselves, many of them have gone through self training or learn the whole thing from dedicated YouTube videos, and really they are doing great.

Looking at this, why should a dog owner opt for professional hot dog groomers and waste money unnecessarily?

The answer is, going for professional hot dog groomers has its own unique advantage, especially for those who do not have the time or the ability to do the tasks on their own.

As mentioned above, grooming is all about keeping your dog more healthy and comfortable at all times and in all seasons. Needless to say, some pet dogs have died untimely just because their owners did not know how to handle grooming well.

Though professional hot dog groomers will charge you for their services, what you and your dog stand the gain will far outweigh the money you are going to pay.

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Reasons Why You May Want To Consider Working With Professional Dog Groomers.

1. They are well equipped for the job

One major factor that will determine that a dog grooming session goes well is the tools and equipment used.

Many hotdog groomers have the right tools for the job ranging from different categories of cutters and combs to real grooming table. They have the right shampoo to use to combat the right parasites.

Using the right tools will make the whole process comfortable for your dog, and it will also ensure that everything is done properly.

Buying these tools yourself will definitely be a heavy investment for you and what of when you need a specialized tool just for a particular time; you definitely will not be able to meet up with that.

2. They run very convenient services

As a dog owner all you need to do on your part is to drop your dog with the pet groomer you have chosen to work with and you are good to go.

You will only have to go back to the groomer to pick your dog after the whole grooming processes have been done. No mess with water, dog hair, struggling to keep your dog still, or looking for a convenient time or just anything like such.

You can find very good and experienced hot dog groomers around you in your locality, they are spread everywhere and can definitely do the job better than you can do it.

3. They are professionals

Yes, they know how to handle all types of dog’s; young, old, sick, aggressive, gentle, just name them.

There are situations when some dogs need to be sedated before they can be properly groomed because they tend to be very aggressive. That’s a real pain for the pet owner because he will need a vet to do that, but with a professional groomer he need not to worry about such.

Hot dog groomers know the diseases and pests peculiar to each breed of dog; they can easily spot any emerging health condition which you will never see. They know the key areas to pay attention to when carrying out dog grooming.

As a matter of fact, you can liken a real hot dog groomer to a junior vet because by reason of skills and experience he can diagnose easily any external health disorder, or locate any disease carrier on the body of your dog, and keep your dog healthy generally.

4. They will do what you don’t want to do

They will do all the dirty jobs that come with grooming a dog.

Many pet owners don’t find cleaning a dog that has fleas or ticks, running nose, or a dog covered with mud. Some cannot even stand the smell coming from washing a dog.

What about those who have allergies for dog hairs and such. These are all realities that many people will want to run from, or that make them to postpone grooming a dog unnecessarily.

A Professional groomer will do the entire job for you, and you will only go and pick a well clean dog at the end of the exercise.

How Often Should I Have My Dog Groomed?

There is no time that fit all types of dogs. Grooming time has to be determined by the nature of hair and coat on the dog, and other prevailing issues. Generally, normal grooming should not be less than once in a month.

Also, a dog that has not been groomed before will need more than that to enable him start to get used to it, this is good especially for puppies and young dogs.

What Should I Do in Between Grooming?

In between grooming, you have to resort to brushing your dog’s hair on weekly basis. It will help prevent the hair from getting knotted.

Hair mat is a very serious issue that you have to learn to prevent, rather than remove, and this is the way you can do it.

Sometimes when hair mat on dog becomes very serious, dog groomers will have no choice than to completely shave the dog, a very painful and health threatening situation.

What about Dog Grooming Prices?

Dog grooming prices is a major factor you have to consider when you want to hire a hot dog groomer. This is the main reason why many dog owners have decided to do the grooming tasks themselves. They want to avoid any form of payment.

If you are hiring a groomer for the first time, it can be a very difficult task, but it is something you have to do sooner than later and get used to it, so that you can be more confident in choosing those who will be handling your dog’s care.

There are factors that determine the rates a dog groomer will charge you. You would need to be familiar with these factors so that you can always have a rough estimate of what you will have to pay for any pet grooming job you want done.

Prices Of Basic Grooming Services

For the basic dog grooming tasks, you will pay a minimum of $40 and a maximum of $100.

These basic tasks include bathing, brushing, cutting of hair, brushing of teeth, cutting of nails, cleaning of ears, etc.

You can only get the prices of these basics tasks because they are needed by all dogs, and virtually all pet groomers do them.

There are other services which groomers can add to the basic ones when you so wish, services such as using a special shampoo to treat a pest, using a special spray or perfume, brushing of teeth, etc. The prices of these vary from groomer to groomer, you will have to find out the prices of any of these services that you would need separately from your groomer.

Note that it not compulsory for you to pay for all the services when you need just a particular service. There is an arrangement where you can demand for the service you need and pay for that.

Check out some services that you can demand for separately below and their prices.

Bathing: This will cost you between $30 and $80 averagely, although when your pet is really dirty you may have to pay more.

De-Shedding: This will usually costs between $20 and $40, depending on the condition of the coat of your dog, or the breed. Definitely dogs with heavier coats will cost more.

Ear Cleaning: This is one of the cheapest of the lot, because it does not take much time to do. The price range is between $5 to $10.

Nail Trimming or cutting: Usually cost between $10 and $20. Sometimes it can be more if your dog is aggressive and needs extra hands to hold it.

Anal Gland Expression: An unpleasant job indeed, but only costs about $10.

Tooth Brushing: Costs between $5 to $10.

You should also know that to combine two or three of these services at a time can attract some rebates, suitable hotdog groomer’s promo or discounts, as they are convenient for you in order to bring down price and still enjoy quality services.

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5 Key Factors That Determine Costs of Dog Grooming

For the same service and groomer, two different pet owners can pay different prices based upon the factors that are peculiar to them.

Some of these factors are;

1. The size of your dog:

A bigger dog will require more time, energy, and resources to be groomed when compared with a smaller dog, hence they attract more money.

2. The type of breed of your dog:

All dog breeds are not the same, especially when it comes to grooming; some of them require more skills and efforts to handle when compared to others. Dog’s like Komondor, Afghan hound and Bichon Frise fall under this category. It you have one of such you will definitely pay more for her grooming.

3. Your Dog’s Temperament:

Some dogs are generally gentle while some are really aggressive especially when they see that you are all set to groom them.

Dog groomers know these dogs because most of the time it is based upon the type of breed they are. Once a groomer sights a dog that will likely give him trouble to groom, he ask you to pay more for the job.

4. The type of dog grooming company.

This will depend upon whether the dog groomer is working for a corporate company or he is a small private company.

The price increase or decrease can go both ways for the two companies. Sometimes a private groomer can charge low because he wants more clients, and sometimes a corporate company can do the same because the cost of rendering the service is low since they already have all facilities on ground together with the opportunity of high volume customers.

5. Your present location

If you are living in a city where cost of living is generally high then you will pay more for dog grooming when compared with someone living in the suburb.

The Option of Mobile Hot Dog Groomer

Mobile hot dog grooming is all about convenience. You will not only have a professional handle your dog grooming, he will do it in the convenience of your home environment.

It is an advanced service above using the services of a dog groomer with a shop, and it is gaining more popularity today.

Mobile pet grooming has its own pros and cons; you will do well to know them so that you can determine whether this specialized service is what you actually need.

The Pros of Mobile Pet Grooming

It is convenient

This is the major advantage. You will be released from the hassles of driving down to the groomer’s shop and this can be a real hassle if you do not have a car of your own.

Option of scheduling:

You can conveniently schedule the time you want the job done. Many pet groomers will agree to either early or late appointment to suit your needs. Everything is just as you want it.

The Cons of Mobile Pet Grooming

Your location

This can be a big issue if your present location is far from the office of the groomer, if the road is not too good or experiences traffic logjam.

The peculiarity of your neighborhood can also be an issue that makes the work of a Mobile pet groomer a difficult one. If you are living in a gated compound or an estate where there are restrictions, then there may be issues.

Higher cost

An obvious point, since mobile pet grooming is a customized service. You should shop around to find out in your own locality what the prices for mobile services are.

This will greatly help you to make your decision. In some cases you will find out that what some mobile groomers do is to add convenience charges of additional $10 to $15 to what a standard groomer will charge when all other factors are favorable.

Where you find out that the differences are not much, you can take this unique advantage of having your dog groomed by a professional in your compound.

Dog grooming should not be a burden, but a necessary routine that you need to always look forward to. Whether you want to do it yourself, or you want to hire more skilled professionals to do it for you, it all depends on what will work best for you.

The bottom line is, if you truly love your dog then you will love hot dog grooming.

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