The Ultimate Hot Dog Groomer Guide

hot dog groomer

A hot dog groomer takes care of pet dogs by cleaning them up in all parts of their body where they need personal care.

Hot Dog Groomer Meaning

The work of hot dog groomers is to see to the personal hygiene of your pet dog, those things that we humans do daily and weekly to keep us healthy. These cares include but are not limited to bathing, brushing, cutting of hair and nails, etc.

Your dog cannot do all of these for himself, as the pet owner it is your duty to ensure that your dog receive these necessary care. You may decide to do this yourself if you are competent enough, or you can decide to hire a professional dog groomer do it for you.

What Does A Hot Dog Groomer Do

dog groomer

You will find dog groomers working in a pet store and all places where pet dogs are cared for. They can extend their services to working at the homes of dog owners providing them personalized services based upon their schedules and other specifications.

Typically, hot dog groomers have very good knowledge of dogs. By virtue of their skills and acquired experiences they know what each breed of dog needs.

They can give very valuable advice to dog owners in areas where they are having challenges with their dogs. As a matter of fact, the services of a dog groomer can greatly complement that of your vet to give an all-around health and wellness to your dog.

Many people just see pet groomers as unlearned people. That is not true; many of those groomers you see especially in corporate groomer’s setup have at least a diploma certification.

It also true that some learn through apprenticeship, which will take them about two months to learn the nitty gritty of the job, but you can be sure they will always do a good job after they have been certificated.

 Apart from all of these, there are special pet grooming schools dedicated for this career where some of them get their skills and certificates. In all, pet grooming is a career meant for serious minded people, and they are part of the animal healthcare industry.

Hot Dog Groomer Certification Information

Certifications are very crucial in the career of hot dog groomers. It is a proof of their competence and authority in the career.

The certifications that a pet groomer can have are grouped into national and international certifications.

The national certification is given by The National Dog Groomers Association of America and it is called the National Certified Master Groomer. It is given after a groomer has gone through designated workshop, show proof of practical skills, and passed designated examinations.

The advanced certification of international recognition is given by The International Professional Groomers, Inc. It is more rigorous because it involves more practical demonstrations and more exams, but if a groomer can scale through all of these successfully he is decorated with International Certified Master Groomers certification.

These are information you can demand from a pet groomer whenever you need their services. Any dog groomer that possesses any of these two certifications is competent enough to handle your dog.

That will put your mind at rest that you are doing business with the right people, but know that you may have to pay more for the services that dog grooming companies like these offers.

What about Mobile Hot Dog Groomers

hotdog groomer

There are unparalleled advantages that you stand to gain from mobile hot dog grooming. The service costs more from all indications, but with this special service you and your dog will have all the attention you need.

6 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs A Mobile Dog Grooming Experience

1. Your dog will receive real personal attention from the groomer. From the beginning to the end of the whole grooming exercise only your dog will get catered for. This is a care like no other for your dog.

2. Your dog will never be stressed or troubled by the sight of other dogs that have behavioural challenge issues. This is usually the case with a standard grooming setting where many dogs are grouped together and each one is trying to show the stuff he is made of.

3. When it is drying time after bathing your dog will be hand dried, and the issue of cage drying is totally eliminated.

4. No wasting of time, your dog will not be placed on a waiting list, and neither would you need to queue for your turn to allow for other dog owners who got to the groomers shop before you.

5. You don’t need to drive to the location where the grooming will take place, a great advantage on its own. Truly many dogs don’t like riding, which is totally eliminated.

6. Mobile dog grooming is totally flexible, there is no hard and fast rule about it, you will have it the way you want it, and after all you are paying for the service.

The dog groomer will contact you ahead of the services to discuss with you their terms and what exactly you want among all the services they offer.

Really, you can get all of your heart’s desire including making your dog look very fashionable. That is what makes mobile hot dog grooming to be different and more desirable among new dog owners today.

Mobile Hot Dog Grooming FAQ

Q: Why should I pay more for mobile hot dog grooming?

A: Yes, mobile hotdog grooming service will cost you more than what you get from a traditional pet grooming service, and this is the reason why.

Mobile pet grooming is a premium service geared towards helping dog owners achieves their grooming aim with all conveniences while not lowering the standards.

Unlike the traditional grooming setting where many dogs are catered for daily, a mobile groomer may not be able to attend to more than just few dogs daily because it is attention based.

This is why the fees have to be more.

Q: Can I know all the fees I will pay even before the groomer meets my dog?

A: You can only get a price range from a groomer at your first conversation with him.

It is only when the groomer has seen your dog, the condition of the coats, size, behavioural attitudes and other things peculiar to him that he can give you a specific price.

There is no other way to do this, more so when what you expect is a premium service. The groomer cannot afford to generalize issues if the aim of mobile dog grooming must be achieved.

Q: Will you allow me to stay with my dog during grooming, even in your truck?

A: This is usually not a good thing because once your dog sees you around he will not be able to remain calm for the grooming exercise. Your dog will see the groomer as a stranger, and since you are around he will want to leave the stranger and come to you. That will not help in any way.

The only exception to this is a situation where the attention of the dog owner is needed to keep the dog still. Some dogs will not just allow strangers to touch them except their owners.

Q: Does dog grooming take long?

A: The time vary, it depends majorly on the breed or size of dog. It also depends on the amount of services that are actually involved.

 Generally speaking, a grooming session can take between 60 minutes and 120 minutes. There is no rushing in mobile hot dog grooming because the groomer is keen on delivering quality service.

Q: Who will provide water and electricity for the grooming exercise?

A: Any mobile hot dog groomer that is worth his salt will ensure that these are available in their truck. They have containers filled with water and batteries that can supply electricity in their truck, so that they will not need to rely upon the clients for the supply of these essentials.

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6 Great Tips On How to Choose a Hot Dog Groomer

Choosing a real hot dog groomer for your dog is one of the most important decisions you have to take as regards the welfare of your dog.

This is because dog grooming is one thing you have to be doing on regular basis. For such an exercise you would need a groomer that you can partner with on a permanent basis so that you will not be looking for a groomer every time you need to groom your dog.

Many dog owners don’t actually know much about how to go about this, hence this little tip can guide them to find the best pet groomer they need to work with, and that is perfect for their dogs.

1. The first thing you would need to do when looking for a groomer is to visit their shop to see things for yourself. Look at where they keep dogs, before, during, and after grooming. Check all the facilities they have on ground, and note in particular the neatness of the place.

If you do not have much knowledge of what standard facilities a practicing hot dog groomer should have, you can make a search for that on the internet, and then with your own discovery use that to judge what you see in the groomer’s shop.

2. You need a dog groomer who wants to know all necessary information about your dog, especially the health status, and any allergic reactions he may be prone to.

Professional hot dog groomers have a readymade form they hand over to a new dog owner where they can supply this information and have them filed in a cabinet or entered into a computer database.

Together with the health status of your dog, groomers will ask for records of vaccinations, and contact details of your vet, in case there is any emergency during grooming. Where all of these are not demanded from you, you are not likely to get the service you want.

3. Find out the level of certification of the groomer. This should be proudly displayed in the reception office for visitors to see, together with any award the pet groomer might have received.

In some cases you might come across a hot dog groomer who has learned through apprenticeship and who does not have a good certification to back up his work. For such you may demand to see records of dog owners they have serviced and even find a means of contacting them. That is, if you find all other factors favorable with the grooming shop.

4. Find out the kind of dogs they can handle, and particularly if they can handle your own breed of dog. A good pet groomer should have video clips of past grooming sessions that they can show you to answer your question on that.

5. Find out if they are using heated cage dryers and how they have these monitored. Ensure that you have satisfactory explanations on this before you agree to it. There have been cases of dogs dying in cage dryers after they have been left there for some hours.

Cage dryers are used by most of the big hotdog groomers but you just want to be sure that they are safe, and that they have the right hands to handle them.

6. Find out the charges, all of them, and ensure that they are reasonable enough. Know that the fact that you get a low price quote in a shop does not guarantee that you will get a quality service from the shop. Make sure that the other factors that are mentioned here are also in place to make your decision all encompassing.

You may need to move round a couple of groomers before you can find one that will give you satisfactory service. Take your time to do the search because what you are looking for is a long term contract.

Note also that staying with a hot dog groomer for a long enough time can fetch you discounts and some free services, so work towards a long term contract.

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