Now that spring really seems to start, pollen, or the pollen of trees and grasses, is starting to reappear. As soon as outside the temperature rises and nature awakens again, the first pollen will fly through the air again. Not a problem for most people and animals. But in some people the immune system reacts too violently to the stimuli with the known symptoms as a result: watery eyes and nose, tightness, noisy sounds and jitters on the skin and coat.

Hay fever in animals

Do you see these symptoms returning to your dog, cat or horse every spring? Then it is high time to make your animal more resilient in the pollen season. You do this by first cleaning the body with a drainage or detox treatment so that the immune system can function optimally again. Another important step is to make the animal with a desensitizing treatment less susceptible to pollen. Start early with this so that the immune system of your animal is ready for the pollen season in time.

Clean body

A clean body functions better. This applies to all organs and body functions, but certainly also to the immune system. PUUR Detoxi is one of the means that stimulates the organs to discharge their waste products faster. Remember that a detox during the treatment is stressful for the body and that symptoms can worsen first. In any case, the disposal of waste products costs an animal’s energy and sometimes you see a short-term worsening of existing complaints. Be aware of this before you start a cure. It is no reason not to do drainage in healthy animals, but be cautious with sick animals or animals that are already suffering a lot, such as an operation.
PURE Pollen, a good preparation for the pollen season

The drops of PUUR Pollen contain dilutions of pollen from common tree, grass and plant species. The Acacia, Birch, Beech, Mugwort, Oak, Ash, Goosefoot, Grasses, Oats, Barley, Goldenrod, Hazel, Hops, Lime, Maize, Daisy, Elm, Olive Tree, Dandelion, Poplar, Rye, Wheat, Elder and Willow. Their traces can all be found in that little drop. Careful administration according to a set schedule stimulates the immune system step by step, so that it is in good state of readiness if the pollen season bursts out.

Dosage: one dose every 5 weeks for the first 3 weeks, then one dose every 3 weeks until the end of the pollen season. A cat, dog and / or horse each need a different dose, but that goes without saying.

About PUUR

PUUR is a complete series of health products for dog, cat and horse. The products are based on orthomolecular medicine and are made from natural raw materials of human pharmaceutical quality. PUUR includes homeopathy, phytotherapy, supplements and external care products and contains combinations of herbs, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

The PUUR series was developed in collaboration with veterinarians to keep animals healthy in a natural way and to support them in the recovery of common ailments. PUUR products focus on the cause of a complaint and do not merely suppress the symptom.

About the writer

My name is Ilse, from an early age I am working on animals, later the interest in animal nutrition and behavior has been added. After I completed my animal care management training in 2008, I worked in a pet store for 2 years. Then I had my own dog walking service for almost 5 years. And last year I worked for a wholesale in pet supplies and a small pet store. Together with my 4 dogs I can often be found in the forest or at the dog club.

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