What is really necessary for close bond with your dog?

Dogs came in the life of man between 1000 BC and 500 BC. The meaning and function of dogs has since evolved enormously. People used to use dogs as a helper. They were used for various activities and belonged to the work animals.

For example, they were bred as guard dogs, cattle drivers, for hunting, as draft animals, etc. Now the dogs live in the house. We now take dogs because of emotional values, not because they have to work. Human communication with dogs has now evolved so that dogs have a positive influence on the general welfare and health of people. Dogs are also often treated as a child nowadays.

The relationship between man and dog

The relationship between man and dog is a unique relationship. People and dogs have been living together for 15,000 years and no animal in the world is as close to humans as the dog. History shows that the dog has come closer and closer to the human being, as a result of which people have started to understand dogs better and better. But dogs have also been evaluated in such a way that they can read us very well.

Dogs are able to sense our mood and appeal to our human feelings. They are able to adapt their behavior to our mood and dogs can feel what their owners feel in terms of emotions. This is possible because dogs because various (MRI) studies have shown that dogs show similarities with humans both physically and emotionally.
What is needed for close bond with your dog?

A close bond does not just happen. Building a good relationship takes time and energy. It is self-evident that no bond can arise if no time is spent together. The relationship is based on love, affection and trust. Safety food and water is only a primary basic need of the dog. The dog needs much more than his basic needs.

A close relationship can only arise if there is mutual trust. That way you know that you dare to be vulnerable. You must be able to give you complete confidence. Trust and self-confidence are important aspects in a close relationship with your dog. In addition, there must also be attention and respect for each other.

A close bond also means that you have a sense of responsibility in your behavior towards both yourself and the dog. Communication is a very important tool. There can be no connection if there is no interaction and communication. Both understanding and feeling each other and empathy with the dog, where empathy is an important condition, play a major role in whether or not a close bond develops.

The emergence of a strong bond is easier if people and dogs understand and sense each other better. Various studies have shown that the dog shows surprising similarities with humans.
Dogs process social information in the same way as humans
To create a good relationship it is useful to understand each other well.

Experience shows that dogs respond well to different human voice intonations and are very sensitive to it. Dogs react in the same way as people to emotions, conveyed by the voice. They found that the temporal lobe in the brain was activated by the dogs when hearing human voices. The temporal lobe or the most forward part of the brain showed activity.

This is a remarkable discovery because even in people, these areas of the brain react more strongly to human sounds than other sounds. The brains of the dog also respond to emotionally charged sounds such as crying or laughing in the same way as in humans. From MRI brain scan it could therefore be assumed that dogs use similar mechanisms to process social information.

This could also be a possible explanation why vocal communication works so well between humans and dogs.

Empatic power

Dogs react sensitively to human emotional signals. Especially if the person is in a state of emergency. This can be physical or psychological and independent whether the dog knows or does not know the person. Most dogs came to comfort when they cried. They do this in their own way, for example by rubbing their noses, licking this sad person. Dogs Have an empathic ability and are able to empathize with the feelings of the human being. Gapen has a contagious effect on dogs. The dogs tend to yawn when a person with whom he has a close relationship, suddenly starts to yawn and the dog has seen this.

Positive influences of a dog

Having a good relationship with your dog is also beneficial for the general welfare of his owner. A positive role is in this for the dogs in our lives. Young adults who have a strong bond with their dogs, feel more connected to their environment. There is a connection with certain characteristics such as self-assurance, cared-for personality, empathic, less depressive symptoms etc. Not having a dog is important, especially the quality of the relationship with your dog plays an important role.

Influences on physical health

The use of dogs as therapy dogs has proven positive on both physical and psychological levels. The dog can also be effective for those who no longer have a future perspective. In nursing homes, the use of therapy dogs in patients will respond better to different medical and social areas. The dogs improved physical health in different ways,

lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels
stress effects on heart and blood vessels
the blood pressure in stress events remains lower, petting the dog calms both the animal and the person himself.
10 months after purchasing a dog to reduce small health problems
growing up with a dog reduces the chance of developing allergies
a dog forces you to physical movement
pets reduce the risk of cancer
Influences on mental health

A large proportion of dog owners consider their dog as a child.
A lot of owners have so much money left for their dog, the importance of the dog for humans.
Many people even talk to their dogs or entrust them with their secrets.
Living with a dog gives you a lot of satisfaction.
In addition, the relationship with a dog has positive influences on many aspects of life.

The dog dispels the loneliness and gives a reassuring presence,
A dog always gives the feeling of a presence and can fill a void.
The dog also provides a friendly presence,
The dog gives companionship and affection but is also a good playmate
The dog accepts the owner as he is, does not judge, the dog is a good confidant.

The dog gives a form of physical contact,
45% of singles share the bed with their dog because they sleep better when they have their dog in the neighborhood.
The dog gives a feeling of safety and / or protection.
the communication back and forth with the dog makes you feel important and loved and he gives you a sense of self-worth
The dog is a big social support, 45% gives comfort to the cuddles of their pets.

The dog shares feelings and experiences and will always give unconditional loyalty and love.
he can be a foothold or a stimulant, both owner and dog feel responsible for each other

Meaning and function of the dog

The bond that arises depends on the meaning the owner gives to his dog, but also the function and the place the dog occupies within the family or the life of people, can play an important role in how close the bond is ultimately. . For every dog ​​owner his dog can get a different meaning and this can be very personal.
For example, a dog can be considered as:

a child, think of people who do not have children
a best friend, think of children
a support and stay, think of lonely older people or singles
reliable work support, such as detection dogs, police dogs, etc.
a loyal helper, think of guide dogs
It is also possible that one dog is all in one.

The bond will of course be closer to a dog that fulfills a larger meaning for his owner than a dog that, for example, has only been adopted to guard a parking space and for which only his basic needs are met.


Dogs enrich your life. This strong bonding band is based on both similarities and differences, because ultimately it remains a relationship between man and dog. Because the dog has so many similarities with humans, we can see that they recognize each other to a certain extent in the other and feel each other. The better you understand and feel your dog, the stronger the bond becomes. The dog is usually seen as a loyal life partner.

This also requires trust. The stronger the mutual trust, the stronger the bond that arises.  In addition, the dog is there in moments of joy and happiness but he can just as well be a support and comfort at unhappy moments. The fact that your dog is unconditional to you, you accept as you are, makes this bond unique. In addition, the more attention and time the owner and dog spend on each other, the closer the bond will be. This shared time brings with it many memories and experiences that will also strengthen the attachment here.

Finally, the more meaning the dog has for someone, the stronger the attachment will be, but the other way around, the stronger the bond, the more meaning the dog will get. Taking into account all these aspects, we could say that the loss of a dog can be equated to the loss of a child for some people.
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