Baking dog pancake

 dog pancake Dog pancake is a good option you can consider when you want to reward your dog. This is a simple guide on how to bake a pancake for your dog. This recipe is a special dog pancake. This contains no milk, because lactose is not good for a dog.

You can cut the pancake into small pieces and use it as a variation on your normal rewards. Do not make too much because the pancake can only be kept in the fridge for about two days. Do you want to keep it longer? then you can keep it in a fridge.

Talking about reward. You can reward your dog for doing anything that is delight some to you. You can give reward for taking to a particular instruction you are trying to pass across to him, or just any other thing you want the dog to continue to do.

Reward will encourage your dog and make him to want to do more of what he is being rewarded for, because he will definitely want more reward.

Rewarding a dog should not be based upon food alone. You can take him for a walk, buy a new toy, or a new dog house. Whatever you do, let your dog why you are doing it.

Dog loves cake, and since it is a simple treat to prepare you can always make a nice cake for you dog whenever you feel you want to reward him. It is also not expensive to prepare, hence it is a very cheap option.

Dog Pancake Recipe
1 cup flour
1 cup water
1 egg

Throw all the ingredients together and mix with a whisk until smooth. Use a small amount of oil in the pan and pour a little of the batter into the pan. Fry the dog pancake on both sides until golden brown.

For the decoration and variation I used peanut butter to pour over it and raspberries with blueberries. This is a good treat for a dog, but do not give too much peanut butter to your dog because of its high fat and salt concentration.


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