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Dog walking during spring is fun.Spring is in full swing and it is also a lovely walking weather. Both the belt and the loose is a wonderful escape for the dog. You will observe of course other dogs, hikers, cyclists, joggers and riders  also enjoying the beautiful weather.  See if your dog is walking in the area where you are going to walk or that there is a restriction in that area.
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What do you need for  dog walking when you want to walk your dog?

My top 3 favorite hiking areas

I really like dog walking. It is not only interesting to me but to my dog also. It is a beautiful way to play with him and make him lose his energy. I would like to share with you my top 3 favorite hiking areas, place I love. to visit whenever I do dog walking.

3. Hoorneboegse Heide in Hilversum

 walking horny heath

One of my most favorite hiking areas is the “Hilversumse Heide”. An area of ​​145 hectares consisting of forest and heath. Dogs may run out all year long, provided they listen well. In the heath are Scottish highlanders. They are used to dogs so they will not run, but when dogs run after them or when they have calves they can be protective. Next to the hiking route there is a horse riding route through this area.

When you are through with dog walking you can eat a delicious pancake at the De Rading pancake house, here is also a large parking lot. The address of this car park is Utrechtseweg 140 in Hilversum. On the other side of the heath you can enjoy a snack at the snack bar or the dog-friendly Fly Inn at the airport.

  • Nice area
  • Well-accessible trails, also with wheelchair / baby carriage
  • Nice hiking trails
  • Heal and forest alternation
  • Hospitality opportunity
  • Free parking spaces

2. Dog beach and dune area in Noordwijk

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If you want to make a wonderful beach walk with your dog then the Noordwijk dog walking beach is a must. When you park on the Koningin Astrid Boulevard and turn left there, you can walk all year long, to the Katwijk sign. This piece is about 2.5 km so plenty of space for a wonderful walk. Please note: when you are on the right, running dogs are only allowed from  September 1st to June 1st.

If you like a nice drink or a snack, you can have it as you desire.  A very dog-friendly beach tent is also available for your relaxation, but dogs must be lined up.

  • All year round access for running dogs
  • Nice clean beach
  • Super catering
  • Enough parking
  • Paid parking
  • In high season very busy with tourists

 Walking with dog

eMy favorite hiking area in the Netherlands is the Long Dunes in Soest, also known as the Soesterduinen. Dogs may run loose in the area of ​​the Long Dunes all year long. What makes this area attractive to many dog ​​owners in addition to the dunes, is that there is also a very large forest where dogs can walk loose. There are also small pieces of heath. This makes it a beautiful and diverse environment for dog walking.

In addition to various hiking routes, mountain bike trails and horse riding routes are also available in this area. Therefore, keep in mind when you are dog walking and playing with your dog. The only downside in this area is that there is no (swimming) water for the dogs. When there is a lot of rain, it is more fun, but this is not the case all year long.

Parking is free. This can be done at the end of the Foekenlaan. After, before or during the walk you can eat and drink at the Brasserie de Lange Duinen. There are also watercourses ready for your dog (s) and there is a playground for children.

  • Spacious and clear area
  • Nice hiking routes
  • Sand, forest and heath alternation
  • Catering
  • Enough free parking space
  • No (swimming) water
  • Not wheelchair accessible

What is your favorite area for walking with your dog?

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