How To Train A Dog To Sit Command

How To Train A Dog To Sit Command

How to train a dog to sit training is one of the basics among the dog trainings you will want to give your dog.

Naturally, a dog will sit once in a while in the course of walking, running, or playing, but how about getting your dog to just sit anytime you want?

The essence of this command is that you want your dog to imbibe the habit of sitting at a particular time, or in a particular situation.

This is called “automatic sit” by trainers, because your dog will be able to just wait and sit whenever he sees that you are preoccupied with something, or that you are waiting for someone, etc.

Apart from any other thing, automatic sit habit will make your dog to have a sort of self control, and not just dashing here and there when you want him to be calm.

There had been situations where a dog will dash into a busy road, or just bounce off along a dangerous terrain when the owner was busy with something else.

The end results of such are not good most of the time. It is either the dog will get injured, or it just disturbs the neighborhood, or assault someone.

How to train a dog to sit training will end in just one word “sit”. That is, anytime you wish, all you need to do is to dish out this command, and your dog will obey promptly.

How To Train A Dog To Sit Training Tips

How To Train A Dog To Sit Training Tips

Remember that this is a basic training compared to other trainings that your dog will need.

If you are giving your dog this, it means that you have just started training your dog about how to obey commands.

You have to be firm in your approach as this will lay the foundation for other more difficult commands that you may need to teach your dog later.

How to teach a dog to sit training is still within what a dog wants to do naturally, hence it is not expected that your dog will find it difficult to understand, or uncomfortable to do.

Understand Dog Nature

Dogs are not like humans who can actually learn things that are abstract in nature. Humans are very intelligent, and many times they pick up new knowledge or skill on their own, hence we see many people that are self taught in various fields of life.

This cannot be said about dogs, though they have lived with man for as long as we can remember, they understand human nature, life, and dispositions far more than any other animal. As a matter of fact, they are the closest animal to man.

In spite of all these, a dog is still an animal. You have to carry out your how to train a dog to sit training with this understanding.

Do not teach or train in abstarct by just shouting your command to your dog, combine it with the right actions.

Anything outside this will get the poor dog confused, and what is actually a simple and basic training will turn out to be a complicated one.

Never Train Your Dog Without A Treat

Everybody likes to be appreciated, dogs love it too. Before you start the training, get ready what you will use as treat to encourage your dog.

A treat basically will be something that your dog loves to eat. Something that your dog cherishes greatly.

When your dog has a reason to want to be trained, then the training will be easier and faster. This is what a treat can do. It will make the dog to look forward to every session, and enjoy it.

Choose A Location

This is very important, because for your dog to respond fast to your training there must not be distractions.

Look for a quiet place that can afford some levels of privacy. Generally, dogs love distractions, do not give your dog that opportunity.

If you have a big compound, that will be an ideal place, because apart from the advantage of privacy as mentioned above, there is also the home advantage factor.

When you do your training at the home and terrain that your dog loves, and is already used to, you will get a better and faster result.

Teach Your Dog To Sit Properly

Your how to train a dog to sit tasks are not complete if your dog cannot sit properly with the hocks and bottom firmly planted on the ground.

Watch your dog properly during each training session, and ensure that the sitting posture is right and perfect.

When you want to give a treat, let it be based upon this right result, and let your dog know it.

Your dog must remain sitted until you give the “stand” or “ok” command. Do not allow hapharzad sitting and rising behaviour. Either of the actions must follow the right command.

Use The Treat Appropriately

Treats in this how to train a dog to sit method is meant to induce encouragement as much as possible. Use it for that purpose only, so that you will be able to get the right results that you desire.

Bring the treat close to your dog’s nose and eyes whenever you are issuing the sit command. Do not bring it too close to the point where he will be able to grab at it.

As soon as you observe that the dog sits, give him the treat and shower praises on him together with every signal that will make the dog understands that you approves of what he has done.

Repeat this step after the first attempt, bring in the treat, call his name, and command him to sit. Give the impression that you are ready to give out the treat.

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Change Training Location

This you will do as you make progress in the training. Even though you might have chosen a quiet, private place for training, in reality that is not reasonable.

You and your dog will not always be in a quiet and serene place, hence you have to bring in a little distraction when you feel the dog is catching up on the training.

After some times in the course of this how to train your dog to sit exercise, you will discover that the dog will be wanting to sit by himself.

Use that opportinuty to praise the dog the more, call his name, and mention the word sit, to show that you approve of that action.

Be patient with your dog, and consistent in your approach. If the dog does not catch up fast, do not punish or go for any negative reinforcement. You will end up creating more problems, because that is not how to train a dog to sit.

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