How To Train A Dog To Attack Intruders

how to train a dog to attack

Do you want to know how to train a dog to attack on command? Would you rather prefer your dog to be aggressive, against strangers, and especially intruders?

Many people keep dog as a pet, a very adorable domesticated animal that perefctly fit into the human home environment, and that is all they want.

Really, a dog can be a real good companion in the house. He can even perform some duties or functions to cater for the disabled and other phsically challenged persons.

Apart from all other things that the dog can do in the house, he can be a watchdog or a guard dog to ward off any intruder, or burgler who wants to break into your appartment.

You can easily turn your cool pet dog into a tough watch dog if you want to. This is the reason why you need to know know how to train a dog to attack when you command.

Naturally, there are some dogs that are aggressive, like Staffordshire terriers, German and Belgian shepherds, Dobermans, and Rottweilers, and that can easily be used as watchdog.

You still have to train them to perfect this innate ability, and used it positively for yourself.

When you train your dog to attack on purpose, he wil be able to recognize those to attack, and those he cannot attack, which will be a perfect advanatage to you.

Your How To train A Dog To Attack Guide

To start the attack training, look for a suitable location where your dog can have the opportunity of moving or running around easily.

Take your dog through the following steps, one after the other.

STEP 1: Get a glove that can cover your hand up to the elbow region. You will use this gloved hand as an object you want your dog to focus upon and attack.

This is very important such that you don’t want to start anything without it. If you do not wear a very good glove, you will be severely injured by the time the training starts.

STEP 2: The attack command is not the first in the line of commands your dog need to know. It follows others like sit, stand, run, stop, wee, etc.

All of the mentioned commands are very important, and your dog must know them well before you can consider a how to train a dog to attack command.

If in your case you are yet to teach your dog the commands, go ahead and do that first before venturing into attack training.

STEP 3: Sit your dog down on the ground ready for the training. With the hand covered in glove, tap the dog right on the face and keep the gloved hand close to the face.

The essence of this is that you want to provoke or irritate the dog to the point that he will attack the hand that is touching his face.

STEP 4: Every time the dog attack the glove, you must shout “attack” so that the dog will be able to connect that word you said with the action he is taking.

STEP 5: You must have dog treats ready for this training, so that as soon as you discover that your dog is following your instructions, you have to offer the treats to further encourage him.

STEP 6: Your dog will not get the command once or quickly as you started the training, you have to be patient, and keep repeating steps 3 to 5 listed above to perfect the action on the side of your dog.

As the training progresses, you will start noticing that your dog has started responding to your command faster than when you first started. That is a sign that he is getting the command now.

STEP 7: Move away from the dog and maintain a little distance from him, then give the attack command again. Observe the response of your dog check again.

If you still feel that the dog is not getting along well, repeat steps 3 to 5 over again, and keep doing that until he can get it.

STEP 8: When and how to train a dog to attack gets interesting when you introduce an intruder. The intruder you will first introduce must be a fake one.

Your fake intruder can be a big doll or just a caricature of a human well positioned in a place where the dog can see it clearly.

Point to the fake intruder and shout “attack”. The dog may first try to come to you as it had been doing before now, but with your hand raised, and finger poiting to the fake intruder, it will follow the direction of your finger easily.

STEP 9: Give your dog a nice treat after this, knowing fully well that he is understanding the training well.

STEP 10: Change the position of the fake intruder you have introduced and then give the command again. Repeat this several times as you keep changing the position of the fake intruder.

STEP 11: Remove the fake intruder and let a real human that the dog does not recognize replace that. The person has to stand in a place like the entrance of a door as a precaution, so that he can be able to quickly shut the door if the dog gets too near, and does not obey the stop command.

Your how to train a dog to attack command must be hooked solidly on the stop command. Your dog should know when to attack and when to stop. Hence, let the two command go together, and make sure that your dog master them well.

Please note that the how to train a dog to attack command and training is not a daily affair. how fast or slow your dog will respond will depend on the breed of dog you are training, among other factors that you have to consider.

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