How To Train A Dog For Toilet Fast

how to train a dog for toilet

Do you want to know how to train a dog for toilet? Do you have a big dog and you will rather prefer that he can use the toilet on his own, and without the assistance of anyone?

That is possible. Going through this article, you will not only learn how to train a dog for toilet, you will be able to carry it out on your dog.

It is not only the human members of your family that should be using the toilet. Your dog should too. Afterall your dog too do answer the call of nature like human beings.

Dog poo and wee in the house is not something that you want to see, they make having a dog in the house a regretable thing, which is not suppose to be.

One of the tasks dog owners don’t enjoy in taking care of their dog is packing the poo of their dog.

Apart from the fact that the poo can be smelly, the sight alone can make one sick.

You need a very cool way of dealing with this issue, better than taking your dog outside from time to time to relieve himself, better than cleaning dog potty all the time.

Your best option is making the dog to flush the waste himself, hence you need to know how to train a dog for toilet. You wil be very grateful for this by the time you see your dog doing the cleaning of his waste without your assistance.

you need to know how to train a dog for toilet, because a dog is different from a cat. A cat can use the litter box easily, because cats have a natural habit of loving to clean up after relieving themselves.

Cats do not really need much training for using litter box. Now, many cats are using toilets easily despite their small sizes when compared to a dog.

When you have a big dog, you can easily train him on how to use the toilet because of size advantage. You will not need to fear that the dog will fall inside the toilet, or trying to make a step for the dog to climb.

Proven How To Train A Dog For Toilet Methods

There had been diferent methods dog owners have used successfully when it comes to how to train a dog for toilet. The best out of all of these methods is the target method which is explained below.

Your how to train a dog for toilet tasks will not be done in a single or straight training. It will involve series of independent trainings that you will combine together later.

The commands will involve telling your dog to go to the potty when you see the need for it. Next to this is jumping on the toilet. After that will be positioning on the toilet for use.

You can use objects to improvise for anything that you need at the beginning of the trainiing, until your dog gets use to obeying the commands that is connected to that object. After that, you can move to the real object.

A potty can be used at the onset of the training, to be replaced by a real toilet once the dog has mastered the use of a potty.

Needless to say, you have to use dog treats and any other means you know to encourage your dog as you do all of the steps mentioned above.

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The Target Method – Steps You Can Follow Easily

Step 1: Start the how to train a dog for toilet training by teaching your dog to focus on an object, and jumped on it, resting all his paws securely on it.

You can use any object that your dog can jump upon easily, eg; books, stool, etc.

Step 2: Transfer the training to a toilet, the real object you want your dog to focus upon.

Put down the lid of the toilet and command your dog to jump on it. Thats the major step, and the one that will determine the success of the others that will follow.

Step 3: You want to go further with the toilet lid opened, but not completely. Put a child’s toilet sit on top to help reduce the opening of the toilet, and remove the fear of falling from your dog. Command your dog to jump on it now.

Step 4: Take away the child’s toilet seat when you are successful with step 3 above. Command your dog now to jump directly on the toilet seat.

Step 5: Once you realize that your dog can now balance well on the toilet seat, give a go potty command that will make the dog to relieve himself immediately.

You will not find the steps above easy to carry out except with careful use of treats and other reinforcements.

This is how to train a dog for toilet without any extra budget.

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