How To Train A Dog Basic Commands

How To Train A Dog Basic Commands

Looking for how to train a dog information or tips? That is the desire of many dog owners who have never personally trained a dog before.

We have always seen dogs as real companion of man, which is very true. We also know that generally dogs can understand us whenever we want them to do something, or not to do something, which is great.

There are times when you actaully want to give specific instructions to your dog, and how you wish you can do that easily, hence you need to know how to train a dog, to completely domesticate your dog.

It is true that you can get dog training professionals who can help you do the job at a cost, but then I can bet that you will rather prefer to do it yourself.

Not only because of the money you will have to cough out, but because it will feel great and more satisfying if you are the one actually dishing out commands at your dog.

This will make you and your dog to get even closer together, and you will get to know each other the more.

If for this reason alone, you must know how to train a dog.

Tips On How To Train A Dog

Specialist dog trainers said that it is far better to start training your dog when he is very young, maybe around the age of three months.

This is good because the young dog will learn very fast, because he has actually not learn anything at all, and also, because whatever he learnt at this stage will not easily rub off, not even when he becomes a full adult.

Based upon this much tested suggestion, it is good to start training your dog at the age of three months to get the right results that you desire.

how to train a dog information

Start by letting your dog know that you are the boss. You must be firm in your approach even though you have to show love too.

Don’t be too soft otherwise your dog will not take you serious. Just do everything that will make him know that you mean business, that is how to train a dog.

Step One Training is teaching your dog how to recognize his name. Your dog must have a name and start to answer to that name.

You will point your index finger to your dog and call him by his name over and over to make it stick. Use the name whenever you are together looking directly at him in the face.

With time, the dog will start recognizing that you are calling him by that name.

Step Two Training is to teach your dog basic things he must learn like sit, stand, come, stop, no, and others.

Know that persistence is the first rule if you want to know how to train a dog. All dogs are not the same, some will learn very fast, some will not.

There are some other factors which can influence how fast your dog will learn all the commands you are trying to teach, but in all, you have to be patient and persistent.

When you give a command, show it with your body, eyes, and even your voice. Be firm and let your dog know it. Let him also know that you will not take no or failure to obey a command for an answer.

Step Three Training is how to train a dog to use the toilet. This will really depend on what you are offering your dog to use. Litter box, or the toilet.

The two are okay, the important thing is that you do not want your dog to keep messing up the house with his poo and wee.

Toilet or litter box training will involve you taking the dog out to relieve himself regularly, like every one hour.

This you will continue to do until the dog get the message that that is what you want him to continue to do.

For your dog training to be effective, you must know how to train a dog by compensating him when he has done something right.

Everybody likes compensation, especially after a very tasking exercise. That is what your dog deserves too. It will make him to look forward to every training session, and to respond fast because he knows that something good is coming at the end.

There are many more trainings you can give to your dog, but you have to start from the basic ones.

As regards how to train a dog effectively, there are different approaches that people have used that have worked for them.

You do not need many approaches, just what is working. As you start your dog training, you will learn and continue to improve.

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