Homemade Dog Food Proven Tips

Homemade Dog Food Proven Tips

Homemade dog food is the safest option available to dog owners among all the feeding options for dogs today.

The major advantage of going home made when it comes to dog food is that, you will have full control over what you feed your dog.

The dog food manufacturers of today have really betrayed the confidence and trust that most dog owners have in them by selling products that are totally unhealthy, hidden under well packaged covers.

When you feed your dog with commercial dog food, you cannot really ascertain what you are giving your dog. The almost incessant dog food recall that is greeting us in the news and social media today is sending strong signal to dog owners to beware.

If you have been heavily relying on commercial dog food, it is time you have a rethink. You have been reading about dogs dying as a result of what they are fed with. Don’t let it happen to you.

Preparing homemade dog food is not difficult nor burdensome. It is what you will start to enjoy once you start.

If you truly love your dog, and you see him as a companion you will not want to miss, then you have every reason to go the way of homemade dog food.

Please go through the following tips to know what it takes to start preapring homemade dog food. After reading this, you will no longer find it diificult to do.

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Homemade Dog Food Preparation Tips

Homemade Dog Food

Tip #1 – Commercial dog food, no matter the brand is not good for your dog. Take your mind off them. The more you continue to feed your dog with those products, the more there is a chemical build up in the dog’s system which will eventually lead to sickness and probably death.

Tip #2 – I don’t know how versed you are about homemade dog food. Really, it is worth doing a research on. You need to know how to go about it, what you need to avoid in preparing it, those recipes that are trending now, etc.

The more you discover about home made dog food the more confident you will be to prepare it. This is the starting point for everybody as it is not good to dabble into what you are not well versed in.

Do not experiement with your dog’s life and health. Do your research and get it right from the beginning.

Tip #3 – Once you feel you have gathered enough information that you need, start practicing it by preparing real homemade dog food for your pet companion.

The research mentioned in tip #2 above should not take you lots of time or days. It is what you can do in a day or two, depending on how eager you are to start with home made dog food.

On the internet, you will find lots of already prepared, good home made dog food recipes you can copy, and start using immediately. That is a short cut that can start you on the right path.

Tip #4 – Depending on the age of your dog and how long he has been feeding on commercial dog food, you may have to introduce homemade dog food gradually to him.

You can first start with 25% home made food, and later increase to 50%, and eventually you make it all 100% over the next several days.

Know that all dogs are not the same. The way a dog will respond to a new food formula may not be the way yours will respond, hence be patient but persistent in your approach.

Tip #5 – One major benefit of homemade dog food is the opportunity for varieties. Since you are fully in charge of preparing the meal, you can introduce varieties.

Just make sure that you are working with already tested recipes and you cannot fail.

You should not expect your dog to be eating the same meal everyday, and be healthy. No single food can give all the nutrients your dog need.

Change the meal to reflect what you want your dog to have. Trust home made dog food to give you that.

Tip #6 – Based on your vet’s recommendation, you can decide to add some supplements to the food you are giving to your dog.

You know what supplements can do. They can supply what is lacking in the food that we take. This will ensure that what you are giving to your dog is balanced diet.

Tip #7 – Make sure you cook the ingredients contained in the home made dog food thoroughly. This will make sure that no bacteria survive to harm your dog.

In order words, avoid giving your dog raw meat, though they love it to some extent. Think of his overall health and provide the right food for him.

Tip #8 – Don’t give your dog bones in the meal you prepare. This has the possibility of injuring him, especially when the poor dog swallows cracked or splintered bones right through the alimentary canal.

This goes for any kind of bone, they are not just suitable in a dog’s meal. The worst culprit is chicken bone.

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Tip #9Pay close attention to what your dog likes and what he does not like when you feed him with homemade dog food.

This can happen when you first start him with the home made food. respond by trying other combinations you can use as alternatives until you hit the right ones that your dog really likes.

Some of the tips mentioned here may look simple and staright forward, and some you have heard of or used before.

That is what homemade dog food is all about, simple and staright forward, such that anybody can do it. Start today.

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