Getting Dog Food Recipes Right For Your Dog

Dog food recipes

Dog food recipes or no, it is now that serious concern is being raised about the issue of what pet dogs should eat because of various unhealthy dog foods that are in the market today

Many people who are dog owners believe that the only right food dogs can eat are those canned, factory-manufactured products, which have been neatly packed, hygenically produced, and well labelled with the dog food recipes they carry.

How wrong they are. As a matter of fact they could not have been more wrong as we are witnessing more and more dog food recalls as more new manufactured dog foods are coming into the market.

From the time that man has domesticated dogs, the major food they are being fed with are the scraps, crumbs, and remains of their owners. Generally, there was no special dog food recipes different from what their owners were eating. They are just fed as a member of the family, period.

Today, things have changed, many dog owners are sacrificing the health and well being of their dogs on the platform of convenience.

Yes, it is very convenient to walk into a nearby supermarket and buy special food formula, or just the raving dog food recipes for your dog, and in doing so, you believe you are showing love and care to your dog. How wrong you are.

Reports coming from vets are showing that many of the diseases and health disorders most dogs are having today, are as results of wrong and harmful chemical substances and inadequate real health boosting ingredients in the canned and manufactured dog foods that are being paraded as dog food recipes and formulas today.

Of course there are still some companies that are producing real good, and nutritious dog foods, but the majority of them are just profit crazy, not minding what they are doing to the poor dogs that are being fed with their products, nor to you the owner who unfortunately is using money to buy ‘death’ for your adorable dog.

The Real Dog Food Recipes Your Dog Needs

The right and only alternative that can solve the problem of the eating disorder mentioned above is homemade dog food that has been carefully prepared to reflect the need of each individual dog that will eat it.

All dogs do not need the same amount of nutrients in food, this has to be taken into consideration if you actually want to help your pet, and realise your dream of wanting to keep him.

Puppies need the nutrients that will help them to grow, older dogs need what will keep their health stable, dogs suffering from a disease or allergies need food that contains ingredients that will help them fight against those diseases and allergies.

You should know what your dog need, and get the right dog food recipes to take care of that.

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How To Get The Right Formula For Your Dog

This is the major question you will want to ask, that is, if you have not being feeding your dog with homemade dog food before, how do I get the right dog food recipes for my dog? Here is a simple guide you can follow

Start with easy dog food recipes – There are many recipes you will see, both local and international, some even dated back to medieval times. You do not need to go to school to learn how to prepare homemade dog food.

What you need is something simple and quick to prepare, yet should have all the ingredients you want for your dog. Do not be intimidated by what you see on the internet (although that is the most probable place to get the right dog food recipes that you want), the important thing here is, what the food you finally prepared has to give to your dog.

Avoid giving your dog bones – That may sound strange because everybody knows that dogs generally love bones. What we are talking about here is that bones pieces in the meals of your dog can get lodged in his throat and cause another health issue.

It is okay to give cooked meat if that is what you want your dog to have, afterall when dogs eat bones, they are actually looking for the meat in it.

Always aim for balanced diets – This is the main essence of the homemade dog food and the dog food recipes you are preparing. Make certain that your dog has a good, healthy, well-balanced diet.

Generally it is better to be sure that approximately 1/3 of the organic dog food contains protein in it, from dairy products, eggs, or meats. And so, the additional 2/3 of the food had better include veggies or food grain to be sure that your dog receives a proportionate balanced diet.

Know your boundary – yes, the no-go areas, foods that you must avoid as much as possible as you plan to give your dog the best. Some foods that have been identified as not good for dogs include mushrooms, chocolate, grapes, avocados, macadamias, onions, raisins and garlic.

You can do more research on the internet to expand on this, you will do yourself and your dog a lot of good if you know perfectly what to avoid. That is a short cut to getting the right and appropriate result.

Put your vet in the know – Let your vet guide you. Your pet knows more about your dog’s health more that you do, hence he can give you valuable information about what to include and what not to include in the dog food recipes you want to give your dog.

In addition to using the internet which may be a little time consuming, you can join a good dog owners forum or group, so that you can have direct access to people who are more experienced than you in taking care of a dog.

You will get a lot of help this way. You also will be able to ask questions and get views from different people, and work on them to get your own desired dog food recipes.

Naturally dog do not eat canned food, forcing them to eat it daily is killing them slowly If you truly love your dog, you will not do anything that will jeopardize his health. You will not find getting the right dog food recipes for him a difficult or impossible task to do.

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