Dog Food Recall And What It Has Taught Us

Every time there is a dog food recall, apart from the fact that dog owners are disappointed, there is always anger, frustration and a sense of loss.

Needless to say, there are many dogs lying sick with vets, while some have even died in the wake of a food recall, all as a result of what they have eaten, or what they have been eating.

We can only be thankful to the FDA for the great job they are doing in this regard, if not for a body like that, all dog owners would be at the mercy of dog food manufacturers, a sorry situation indeed.

Dog food recall is good, and it has come to stay. All dog owners should be happy for it, and use the knowledge and information coming from it to their advantage.

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The Major Lesson Dog Food Recall Is Teaching Us

One thing we will all agree that we have learnt from all the dog food recalls that have taken place over the years is the fact that we now need to be extra careful when choosing commercial dog food for our dog.

Before all the incidents of dog food recalls we have seen, you can just walk into a supermarket and pick a dog food brand that has caught your attention and you are good to go.

Things are not the same now, what we have seen so far has shown to all dog owners that no company can be trusted, because many of the big manufacturers no one would ever taught can be affected have been caught napping.

In all, be very careful when you want to buy any canned or processed dog food. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you will always be ahead of fake manufacturers.

To avoid the fear and frustration that have always greeted the arrival of a new dog food recall. Follow the tips below to get wiser at buying dog food.

1. Check the date of expiration – Always do this first among all other things you will need to do, to confirm the suitability of a brand of dog food.

Contaminated food is not only bad for humans, it is bad for dogs too, and think of how bad the situation will be if you discover that the dog food you bought has been contaminated after you have given your dog.

2. Does the the dog food brand looks right by mere looking at it? Check whether the food has become stale, or it is smelling foul. Any of these is enough to make you not to give the dog food to your dog.

It is also good to contact the manufacturer and make a complain so that the company can investigate such a product.

By doing this, you have saved yourself and other dog owners who are likely going to buy the product serious setbacks.

3. Check with your Vet – Report any unusual behavior in your dog to your vet. This can help you to arrest the situation fast, and to hinder a reoccurence in the future.

Many of the dogs that died as a result of eating contaminated or expired commercial dog food would have been saved if they were taken to the vet on time.

4. Keep yourself updated – Be current, be on top of the news, especially as it regards dog foods that have been recalled.

This will help you to know immediately what you should avoid in the market. As a dog owner, you should belong to dog owners forums and groups, where you can get prompt news and information like this.

Belonging to a relevant forum will save you a lot of time which you will spend in searching for information.

In addition to that, you will have the opportunity of relating with other dog owners like you. They will share personal experiences which can be of great benefit to you.

In the other way round, do not always believe what you read on dog food manufacturers web pages, brochures, or just any advert.

You should know by now that they are just for marketing purposes, including most of the testimonials that accompanies them.

No manufacturer will publish any negative thing about their product. You just have to be wise to avoid being robbed. That is why we must be grateful for dog food recall possibilities.

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