Dog Food Ratings Eye Opener

Dog food ratings are used to evaluate or determine the value of dog food. Brands that contain the most nutritious ingredients perform better. And if your dog’s food is low in rating, it has a lower value. In any case, after the evaluations of the dog food, a more detailed examination of the product will be carried out to further ascertain the value it can deliver to your dog .

The food you choose is very important for the health and well-being of your dog. If the food is not nutritious or is made with too many preservatives, it can shorten your dog’s life by up to 8 years. Therefore, you should do some research before stopping to buy a particular brand. And because of the prevailing classification of dog food in the market today, this task should not be too difficult.

The question anyone would want to ask now is, who gives dog food ratings? The answer is the general public, those dog owners who are buying dog foods for their dogs. After feeding their dog with the food, they vote to reflect their thoughts and experience on the products. From that moment, the vote is immediately added to any other vote coming from other dog owners on the same and other dog food products.

If most customers like the product, the final score will be positive, which is high dog food ratings. If the rating is half, the product can reach an average rating.

Dog food ratings can also be done by professionals such as veterinarians or other experts with knowledge of dog food. These are often the best comments, as there is usually a detailed explanation as to why the brand received the comment. However, some professionals may not take affordability into account. Therefore, some evaluations of dog food in this respect may help promote more expensive brands.

Be sure to balance your findings and evaluations by observing both types of research on dog food. Remember that your dog’s health is very important, and that you don’t want the effort you are making to ensure that your dog feeds well lead you to bankruptcy.

What Really Determines High Dog Food Ratings?

I recently found a website that was named among the top ten dry dry food sources online, and in the general market. This website (whose title or domain I will not like to mention here) containes a long list of evaluation criteria for each dog food listed.

Everything was well arranged as it should be, from the highly reputable ones to those with low dog food ratings: brands with whole grains, minimal vegetables, and no harmful additives received high ratings. Meat products, high (and low), grain content and harmful additives received low ratings.

But what’s really shocking is that since the last update, the site has removed four of the top ten pet food brands from the list. The reason given was that the products and companies are under investigation by FDA.

Does that ring a bell? There were four brands that got the best quality dog food ratings before I visited this page. They are not 100, 50 or even 25, but 4 of the top 10 dog food brands!

The real problem with dog food ratings that we have seen presented to the general public is that most often than not, the ratings in terms of criteria, tests and classification of dog food are totally wrong, being based on the ingredients published on the animal feed manufacturer’s label. This is a real problem for many dog food record holders.

One thing to note is that the Food and Drug Administration is investigating those dog food manufacturers who specailizes in misleading dog owners by not quoting the right ingredients they have used in their products on the label.

More often than not, it is not all what is written on the labels and food packagings that are found in the food products, which is very sad.

Many manufacturers have denied this allegation, but the Food and Drug Administration is still carring on the investigation to ensure that they get the real information they need.

Let me also say here that three out of the four dog food manufacturers removed from the top 10 lists were bought over by other companies. The irony is that the new companies lack the reputation that the caompanies they have aqcuired have.

The question I will like to ask you at this junction now is, do you believe that a big corporation company that produces all kinds of household products together with other diversifications can produce the right dog food for your pet?

Does the company knows your dog’s needs more than you do, or can she manufacture what can really satisfy your dog? The answer is no.

All what these companies are after is to make big profit. What you need to feed your dog with is not so complicated that you cannot prepare it yourself.

Do you even know the chemical analysis of all those ingredients that you see on the label of the dog foods you buy? That is not to talk of the ones that the manufacturer does not declare, yet have been included in the food formula.

Most of the time, it is because of convenience and the ease of getting a processed food that makes dog owners go for them. But you should not plan to sacrifice the health of your dog because you want convenience.

Maybe you have not considered your frequent visits to the vets, all because your dog is having health issues which may have been caused by wrong dieting.

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The True Dog Food Ratings You Need

When you learn to make your own dog food recipe, you will escape from all of these ratings issues that are generating so much controversy, and you will be glad for it.

You need to take full control of your dog’s feeding needs, and start to give him what will make him healthy. I know you will never think of mixing chemical laden ingredients together for your dog.

Be wise today. You do not need a special dog food ratings, but a working procedure for do-it-yourself dog food recipe.


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