Dog Food Comparison For Commercial And Homemade Dog Food

Dog food comparison issues are now taking a major chunk of dog food news, all because of the negative experiences of some dog owners who fed their dogs with wrong diets unknowingly. Many pet owners believe that commercial food is the best solution to meet their dog’s nutritional needs.

However, if you look at a typical dog food comparison analysis available on the internet, you will soon find out that commercial dog food may look appealing, or sound more convincing, most of the time, the do not deliver the right needed values.

This is especially true when comparing dog food that contains homemade recipes with factory manufactured food. In such situations, homemade dog food is generally considered more nutritious, why not? The answer lies in three factors: Meat quality, less emphasis on vegetable proteins, and lack of chemical additives. You will find a more detailed description of the individual factors as you read further.

Meat Quality

A dog food comparison analysis helps pet owners understand whether dog food is made from real meat rather than by-products. The by-product consists of animal proteins derived from undesirable ingredients such as organs, heads and even fruits. Since everything has been mixed together and processed, neither the dogs nor their owners understand that the “meat” they eat comes from these sources.

Homemade dog food does not give this problem because the meats in it are those consumed by the owner. And since humans don’t usually eat by-products, the dog will basically eat what the owner has been eating, that is, an all natural meat without additives or chemicals of any kind.

Less Attention To Vegetable Proteins

A more detailed dog food comparison shows that the amount of vegetable protein distribution in homemade dog foods and manufactured foods are not the same. The major concern here though is that, the amount of vegetable protein in dog foods must not be too high, bearing in mind that dogs generally are carnivorous animals, if they need vegetable protein at all, it should be in a little quantity

Even if a small amount of vegetable protein does not harm your dog, too much of it in can lead to serious malnutrition.

The processed dog food you bought from the market only contains the amount of vegetable protein that the manufacturer puts into it. This could be a bad for your dog. If you have a good knowledge of the dog’s diet, you know the dog doesn’t need a lot of vegetables in his diet.

But if you think that more vegetables make a healthier diet, you can endanger your dog’s health. So if you want to feed your dog a real nutritious homemade diet, learn the basics of dog nutrition, and adhere strictly to the right recipe that enhances the health and well being of your dog.

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No Chemical Additives

Finally, there is the problem of chemical additives, another element that often affects your dog’s health.
Comparison of food. Dog food should contain very few chemical additives, that is, if there should be at all, but the owner must ensure that he desist from feeding processed food to the dog. However, this is not always the case with commercial dog food.

Although organic brands do not use so many chemicals, most brands need additives to maintain the nutritional value they suppose to deliver. And unfortunately, many of these additives can be carcinogenic. This does not mean that homemade dog foods are totally free from these problems, but because there is more control over what is given, the owner can at least feel that he has some power in this situation.

Be sure to feed your dog right at all times . This is a timely warning that I can give you, and that you must take serious right from when you start to own a dog. Many dog food brands will not be right for your dog. But some may be just okay. In fact, some of them contain ingredients that are forbidden in the human diet. These ingredients are also dangerous for your dog.

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