As a dog owner, you will need dietary supplements for your dog. The nutritional supplements can be used to prevent health issues, or as dietary supplements to the daily diet of your pet. You would need it if you bought your pet probably from the shop or online. There are lots of supplements out there. In this blog we explain the effect of certain supplements and for which animal they are suitable.
 Adlgolith Seaweed
 This product consists of natural sea algae meal with a high percentage of trace elements such as iodine and vitamins. It has a positive effect on the general health of your dog, and supports the condition of the hair as well. It also helps to maintain the natural color of the coat.  Suitable for: dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents and birds.

 Salmon oil
 This product contains important omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and helps to prevent allergic reactions such as hair loss, itching, flea allergy or other bald spots. It also has a positive effect on the metabolism, especially in the area of less stool and more food intake. In addition, salmon oil often causes a reduction of the PH value in urine, which is favorable in connection with bladder dust. Many animals like this dietary supplement. These dietary supplements are  Suitable for dogs and cats

 These dietary supplements products are available in paste or in tablets. This product is especially suitable for strengthening the immune system. Older pets often have a vitamin deficiency that manifests itself in a dull coat. But also animals with poor resistance, recovering from a disease or medical dddoperation, animals that eat badly or on a diet sometimes lack essential vitamins and minerals. By regularly giving this to your pet, you make sure that they get more healthy. These dietary supplements are suitable for: dogs, cats, rodents and birds.

 Omega -3, -6 and 9
 This product among other dietary supplements contains essential fatty acids which have a positive effect on the behavior, the coat and the skin of your dog. Especially in case of illness, stress or less resistance, this supplement helps to maintain energy and endurance. It also supports the heart and blood vessels and keeps the muscles and joints supple. These dietary supplements are suitable for: dogs, cats, rodents and birds.
 Calcium preparation
 This drug supports bone and tooth building and muscle and tendon formation.  Suitable for: dogs, cats, rodents and birds.

 Mussel powder
 This product helps with joint and bone disorders caused by improper nutrition, and helps to prevent these problems.  Suitable for: dogs and cats

 Yeast Tablets
 This product stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the nerves.  Suitable for: dogs and cats



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