<pre>Bench Training for Puppies: Download FREE Benchtraining Checklist

Bench Training for Puppies and Tips for Dog Owners

[ad_1] Dog training for puppies is one of the important training you must give your pet. Once at home you place the bench at the resting place in the house that you have in mind for the puppy. Make sure that the bench is not in a closed room. The... Details
<pre>Why you better not say 'no' to your dog

Dog Training: Using The Right Words

[ad_1] One of the first words a dog hears is 'no'. In addition, it is one of the most pronounced words we say to our dog. Some dogs hear it even more than their own name Wrong timing in dog training Dog training is important. A dog makes an optimal... Details
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How Best To Handle Heat Management in Dogs

[ad_1] Heat management in dogs: Some essential reminders The dog is an endothermic animal, that is to say it has a thermoregulation system and its internal heat must be constant. In view of this, there must be a constant balance between heat production (thermogenesis) and heat dissipation (thermolysis), just as it... Details