Can Dogs Eat Salt In Their Diets

can dogs eat salt

Can dogs eat salt like humans? That is a good question you need to find answer to if you are a dog owner.

This is because the chemical compositions of the constituents in the foods you serve your dog can greatly determine how healthy the dog will be, the rate of growth, and even the duration of life.

Many dog owners don’t take cognizance of this to the detriment of the health of their adored pet.

Many have ignorantly overfed their dogs with salt and caused the poor dog to become unnecessarily sick, and even in some cases made the dog to die.

Salt Consumption in Man vs. Dog

We always want to add salt to most of the food we eat in order to give the food the proper taste that will make us to enjoy the food.

Even at that, many people have jeopardized their health as a result over consumption of salts which built up over the years of eating it.

Dogs do not necessarily need salt for taste, but they need it to maintain the level of fluids in their bodies.

What this means is that they need some quantities of salts in their food, as total lack of it is also not good for them.

How Often Can Dogs Eat Salt?

can dog eats salt

There is no specific answer to this question because all dogs are not the same.

They do not all have the same nutritional requirements, neither are they all at the same stage of growth or development.

The best way to approach the issue is to allow your vet to recommend the quantity of salt that you can give to your dog.

It also means that your vet has to recommend the type of food your dog can eat, either canned or homemade recipes that you prepare yourself.

Whether a dog can eat salt or not is a question of what nutrients the dog is lacking in his body system.

Some experts have recommended a maximum of 1.5g per pound of body weight as a general dosage above which death can occur.

Whether you understand this or not, what it means is that excessive feeding of your dog with salt can lead to death, it does not matter whether you accidentally did this or not.

The Danger of Salt Poisoning

Health condition known as salt poisoning can occur when a dog feeds too much on salty foods.

This gives some unpleasant reactions in dogs, such as

1. Body dehydration. This will make the dog to start looking for or consuming water more than before.

This craving for water will seem to be insatiable as the poor dog look for more water to drink.

2. General tiredness. Your dog will not be as active as it ought to be.

This is more pronounced in dogs that are naturally active. In a time like this, they tend to stay more in one spot refusing to play as they used to do.

3. Vomiting. This can be a sign of acute consumption of salt. The composition of salt in the stomach your dog will trigger a reaction which will lead to frequent vomiting.

These reactions are not the same for all dogs; it depends on the level of allergy a dog can show to the chemical compositions in the salt it has consumed.

Any reaction like this should be attended to by your vet, hence do not hesitate to notify your vet as soon as you have noticed any of these reactions.

Even when you are suspecting salt poisoning despite the fact that you are sure you have not really fed your dog with salts beyond the necessary ration, still contact your vet and tell him your observations.

This is because some dogs will not quickly show signs of salt poisoning until it has almost caused irreparable damages to their body systems.

Further Reading: Your Dog Health Is Your Responsibility

can dogs eat salt today

You should know your dog well enough to the point that you can easily catch any funny behaviour which could be a sign of serious health danger.

Even though it has been established already, that dogs can eat salts in low quantities, you would need to avoid some foods, and especially snacks that are usually prepared with salt in addition to other ingredients.

These include crisps, processed meat, and savory biscuits which many dog owners love to give to their dogs, and which many dogs love to eat as well.

You will also need to take extra caution if your dog has healthy conditions which make his body not to require sodium.

This could include any disease affecting the kidney, heart, and the liver. Your vet would need to tell you this, but if not, take note that it is highly dangerous to feed such dogs with salts.

In all, you are responsible for whatever your dog eats, since the dog does not source for the food by himself.

Always check on what you serve him, not only for salts but for any other chemical compositions that you already know that your dog should not eat.

Thousands of dogs die every year and several thousands are rendered permanently unhealthy as a result wrong food intake.

If you love your dog do everything within your power to ensure that no unhealthy chemical gets into his food. Just as you will surely not just eat anything that comes your way, but only those things that you know will make for your health think the same way for your dog too.

Whether or not your dog can eat salt in a way that his health will be endangered will be determined by you, hence be careful and do what is needful to prevent that.

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