Can Dogs Eat Coconut Tropical Fruit

Can dogs eat coconut

Can dogs eat coconut without jeopardizing their health?

Coconut does not look like what dogs should eat, but then dogs are omnivores, and they can eat pretty much anything, just like man.

Whether the food is meat based, or vegetables and fruit based, a dog can eat them without having any health problem.

Good as that may sound; it is also true that it is not everything that a dog eats that will go well with his health.

It is good to feed your dog with varieties of food, not only to prevent monotony in what he is eating, but to encourage feeding him with wide varieties of food that can give maximum nutritional value.

The more you look for these foods among the common food you can find around you, the better for you, but then you have to be mindful of your dog’s health so that you don’t end up damaging what you are trying to protect.

Looking for the kind of food that can be termed as balanced diet is perfect, as it will ensure that you do not have to look further for what to use as supplement for what may be lacking in the food which dog also needs.

In spite of that, occasionally your dog will want to eat human foods, it seems they enjoy doing that too.

You may also want to prepare some nice treats for your dog, and even experiment with any ingredient that you have discovered can supply good nutritional values to your dog.

This may make you consider a fruit like coconut, and can bring you to wonder at the question, can dogs eat coconut?

Just see it this way, there are many natural foods that you can feed your dog with, just as there are many that are not right for your dog.

You have to tread carefully, and don’t rush when you are trying to go this way.

Can your Dog Eat Coconut?

dogs can eat coconut

your dog should not eat coconut shell

Dogs can eat coconut as it contains the nutritional elements they need for good health. However, you should be aware that your dog should not eat coconut shell. That is the hard outer part of coconut after the husk has been removed.

Normally any dog can crush and swallow that, but as you and I know, the shell will not digest in the pooch’s stomach, and that can be a great problem for him.

You don’t want that to happen to your dog, hence ensure that you remove all the shells, and pack them away from the real fruits, so that the dog will not mistakenly swallow them.

As for the soft fleshy part of a coconut, dogs can eat them pretty well, and they always enjoy that too, since it is sweet, succulent, and oily.

This does not mean that you should not regulate the quantities of coconut you give your dog, or that you can continue to add it to your dog’s meal on daily basis.

If your dog is the type that has a sensitive digestive system, he will surely react to being fed that way with coconut.

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Can your Dog Eat Coconut Oil and Drink the Water?

Can dogs eat coconut oil too? The major part of the tropical fruit which have found applications in many body and health products.

And does your dog needs the sweet water inside coconut?

These are good for dogs too, although there has not been any scientific proof that they offer any nutritional value to dogs, because oil is generally good for the skin and the hair that can be of benefit to your dog too.

However, you have to give these to your dog with moderations as well; too much oil in the stomach can cause sickness or make the dog to vomit.

Know also that it is when you give pure or natural coconut water to your dog that you are sure it is safe for consumption, unlike the processed ones you can buy from pet stores.

They may contain processed sugar and other not easily identified preservatives, which are not too good for the digestive system of your dog.

Experts in dog care have said that coconut is good for dogs. This is also the view of American Kennel Club, an authority in this area.

In their submission, they said that some dogs with health conditions like arthritis, and flea allergies can benefit greatly from the consumption of the tropical fruit, because it can provide supplemental nutrients that their systems need.

Further to this, they said they have found out that fruits like coconuts can greatly boosts the immune systems of dog’s and help them further to fight off diseases.

This report has encouraged many dog owners to start giving their dogs coconuts, and some have testified to the fact that their dogs have not shown any sign of health disorder.

Can Dogs Eat Coconut Based Foods?

Depending on your location and the availability of coconuts when you actually wants to give the fruit to your dog, you may find doing so a big challenge.

There are some homemade dog treats that have coconuts as their main ingredient they are recommended, as a good alternative to the natural tropical fruit.

All you would need to do is to check the other constituents of the food formula to make sure that they will go well with your dog’s health.

Once that is guaranteed, you are at liberty to give these food categories to your dog, but once again, do that with the consent of your vet.

You cannot base your decision on what written on the labels of the food products alone, your dog has his peculiar health conditions which your vet is aware of, and of which he is better informed to manage.

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