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dogThe dog, already the best friend of man, is also being touted as his best cardiologist? For decades, researchers have studied the effects of this four-legged companion on his master’s health.

Studies have found benefits on blood pressure, the level of lipids in the blood, the weight, or the survival of a heart attack victim.

These benefits have been attributed to the social support provided by the doggie, and the motivation it represents for physical activity.
Dogs are full members of our families. We love them and as such we want to take care of them, spoil them and protect them.

This website will answer all the questions you can logically ask about your pet. All the topics published here are prepared by specialists whose experience spanned over decades, and who are masters in the art of taking care of dogs. Feel free to comment and share the articles that you find interesting and beneficial to you.

There is never a single way to look after a dog; and just as we know that knowledge is increasing daily, so are the ways of keeping, training, and raising a dog. If you must be a good and successful dog owner, then you must keep abreast of happenings in the dog world. Hence you need this website.

The dog is the first animal species to have been domesticated by man and therefore one of the first todog canine go by the name “Pet”. This domestication has earned the canine species a great transformation in time both physically and physiologically.

That’s why there are more than 300 breeds of dogs recognized by the FCI (International Cynological Federation) and the SCC(Société Centrale Canine)

Today, used as a working animal and companion, the dog has established itself in our society as an indispensable being. His protective instinct, his ease of taming and his docile character earned him the nickname of “best friend of man”.

Do You Know Your Dog Breed So Well?

To guide you in the search for the breed of dog that suits you or simply to inform you about existing breeds, cheaplypetsupplies offers well detailed articles and guide that you can rely upon. You can also get a complete listing of the history and characteristics of each breed.

The development of dog breeds as we know them today dates back to ages. Do you know what the breeding of your dog was originally intended for? The majority of dog breeds are the product of selective breeding by humans. This is why the dog has adapted, in record time, to different climates, different cultures and geographical areas.

How many dog ​​breeds are there in the world? Have you ever wondered? if you count only the official breeds, there are 344 dog breeds on the globe . They themselves classified into several numbered groups which we will show you on this website.

Is Your Dog’s Health Important To You

If you are thinking of buying a dog or have owned one for many years, there are many questions about dog health that you may not have answers to, or that you have searching answers to for long.

Fortunately, we can provide you here with a multitude of answers and advice that will certainly help you. Whether it’s about diseases and dog health issues, their causes, symptoms and preventative treatments, you’ll learn more about how to care for your dog if you browse our dog health articles.

Have you noticed a change in your dog? If he starts to be unusually lazy or anxious, you’ll be able to respond to all of this if you are well informed about dog health issues and causes of diseases.

Whether your dog is prone to diseases from genetics, race, age, lifestyle, mental state, habits or environmental causes, there are a lot of things you can do to get your dog up and running. to behave differently.

Start now to learn about the possible causes so that you can provide the best care for your dog at the right time.

Do you know which disease symptoms warrant immediate attention? Some are extremely easy to observe. For example, a dog who is urinating in the house may be suffering from a kidney problem or urinary tract.

But other diseases are manifested by less obvious symptoms, such as lethargy, which may indicate a weight problem or joint pain. Know what signs and symptoms need to be taken seriously to properly protect your dog.

It’s up to you to keep your dog healthy and safe. From proper nutrition to exercise to medication and health checkups at the vet, there are plenty of preventative measures you can take to keep your dog from getting sick or getting hurt.

Learn about the many precautions and preventative treatments available by reading our articles on recommended vaccines, grooming tips, flea and tick medications, and more.

Real Supplies That Meet All Your Dog Accessories Need

dog suppliesWe also invite you to discover our selection of dog accessories . Are you looking for products that fit your four-legged companion and lifestyle? You are in the right place.

Whether you are just a lover of dogs or a dog owner, this website is well equipped to satisy all visitors. We also cater for essential dog services like; the police, the army, customs, the gendarmerie, and also the civil security.

To ensure your pet gets a constant and well selected supply of diet that will allow optimal growth and long and beautiful years to come, we offer many dog ​​food products. Dog food adapted to the age and size of your dog, treats to use during a positive training, or dietary supplements adapted to the pathologies of your pet, and manual or automatic feeders, you will certainly find the product you need.

Do you care to be a professional groomer? We have selected for you shampoos, conditioners, combs and cutting instruments that will allow you to take care of the hygiene of your dog. You will also discover our outdoor sports products and also many games and toys that will assist you in the playful training of your pet.

Are you about to receive a litter of puppies or a new pet? Book the best of them by choosing one of our kennels. For your breeding plansg to work outin the best way possible, do not hesitate to browse our antiparasitics, insect repellents sections, and all that relates to the hygiene of the environment, to protect you and your dog from unpleasant surprises.

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